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Goldman Sachs rolled out its first environmental-, social- and governance-focused ETF today in partnership with former hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones’ foundation Just Capital, which includes Arianna Huffington and Deepak Chopra among its board members.

ETF Trends
Goldman Sachs has partnered up with hedge fund tycoon Paul Tudor Jones to launch a new ETF that tracks companies driving positive change in the public.

6月12日、Goldman Sachs JUST U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF (NYSEArca: JUST) がローンチされました。コストは0.20%。

Just Capital が開発した社会責任投資指標で Russell 1000 銘柄を評価し、上位50%の銘柄に時価総額加重で投資します。

評価基準は (おそらくその時の流行に合わせて) 毎年変わります。

Although it cannot be compared to April, which saw 50 iPath ETNs close or delist, June will be having its own little storm of ETN shutdowns.

UBS は以下の ETN をクローズします。最終取引日は6月25日です。

ETRACS 1x Monthly Short Alerian MLP Infrastructure TR ETN (MLPS)
ETRACS UBS Bloomberg CMCI Livestock Total Return ETN (UBC)
ETRACS UBS Bloomberg CMCI Industrial Metals Total Return ETN (UBM)
ETRACS UBS Bloomberg CMCI Energy Total Return ETN (UBN)
ETRACS Monthly Reset 2x Leveraged S&P 500 Total Return ETN (SPLX)
VelocityShares VIX Tail Risk ETN (BSWN)
VelocityShares VIX Variable Long/Short ETN (LSVX)
VelocityShares VIX Short Volatility Hedged ETN (XIVH)

Today iShares launched an ETF that seeks to provide exposure to the price performance of gold

6月8日、iShares Gold Strategy ETF (IAUF) がローンチされました。コストは0.25%。

アクティブ運用で、ポートフォリオの25%はケイマン諸島の子会社がデリバティブや iShares Gold Trust (IAU) を含めて金に投資します。


確定申告でK1フォームを使わないために1940年法の範囲内にした ETF だと思われます。

iShares Launches a More Tax Efficient Gold ETF (ETF Trends)


The only U.S.-listed ETF to focus on alcoholic beverages will be shutting down.

アルコール飲料業界に特化した唯一の ETF である Spirited Funds/ETFMG Whiskey & Spirits ETF (WSKY) がクローズされます。


Equbot, the firm behind the AI Powered Equity ETF (AIEQ), has added to its offering today with the launch of an international fund with a similar focus

ETF Trends
EquBot, the group behind the AI Powered Equity ETF (NYSE Arca: AIEQ), has expanded on its artificial intelligence-backed investment approach with a new international ETF that covers developed markets.

6月6日、Equbot は AI Powered International Equity ETF (NYSEArca: AIIQ) をローンチしました。コストは0.79%。


同様の手法を使って米国株に投資する AI Powered Equity ETF (NYSE Arca: AIEQ) はローンチ済みです。

Amplify Investments, the firm founded by ETF industry stalwart Christian Magoon, today has rolled out an ETF focused on the components that go into the production of batteries

6月6日、Amplify Advanced Battery Metals and Materials ETF (BATT) がローンチされました。コストは0.72%。







Amplify Launches Advanced Metals, Materials ETF (ETF Trends)

BlackRock, the asset manager behind the iShares range of ETFs, has slashed the fees charged on four of its mainstream benchmark trackers. The move sees issuer’s clients enjoy cheaper access t…

iShare はロンドン証券取引所で取引されている次の ETF のコストを引き下げました。

iShares MSCI Europe UCITS ETF (IMEU LN) 0.35%→0.12%
iShares MSCI EMU UCITS ETF (CEU LN) 0.33%→0.12%
iShares Euro Stoxx 50 UCITS ETF (CSX5 LN) 0.16%→0.10%
iShares Core MSCI EM IMI UCITS ETF (EIMU LN) 0.25%→0.12%

First Trust Advisors has launched a new actively managed ETF – the First Trust TCW Unconstrained Plus Bond ETF (UCON US) – on NYSE Arca. Sub-advised by TCW Investment Management, UCON m…

First Trust brought to market today an actively managed unconstrained bond ETF that will go head to head with some well-established competitors such as the PIMCO Active Bond ETF (BOND) and the SPDR DoubleLine Total Return Tactical ETF (TOTL).

First Trust TCW Unconstrained Plus Bond ETF (UCON) がローンチされました。コストは0.75%。

デュレーションや格付けに関係なく、債券ならなんにでも投資できるアクティブ運用 ETF です。

O’Shares ETF Investments, the issuer headed by Kevin O’Leary, best known for his ABC “Shark Tank” fame, today launched an ETF focused on the largest, high-quality internet and ecommerce companies globally.

6月5日、O’Shares Global Internet Giants ETF (OGIG) がローンチされました。コストは0.48%。


既存のハイテクセクター ETF と大差ないと思うんですけどね。

Kevin O’Leary Debuts New ‘Internet Giants’ ETF (ETF Trends)

O’Shares launches global internet giants ETF (ETF Strategy)

When Invesco, formerly known as Invesco PowerShares, purchased the Guggenheim ETFs, one of the jewels of the new acquisition was its nearly $10 billion family of target-maturity bond ETFs

Invesco は投資適格の米国地方債に投資するターゲットイヤー型 ETF を10本申請しました。


Invesco BulletShares 2019 Municipal Bond ETF
Invesco BulletShares 2020 Municipal Bond ETF
Invesco BulletShares 2021 Municipal Bond ETF
Invesco BulletShares 2022 Municipal Bond ETF
Invesco BulletShares 2023 Municipal Bond ETF
Invesco BulletShares 2024 Municipal Bond ETF
Invesco BulletShares 2025 Municipal Bond ETF
Invesco BulletShares 2026 Municipal Bond ETF
Invesco BulletShares 2027 Municipal Bond ETF
Invesco BulletShares 2028 Municipal Bond ETF